Welcome Marsden Marketing

Stellar Studios would like to welcome, Atlanta, GA based, Marsden Marketing to the team!

Our first interaction with Marsden was with a site they had designed but had another company develop. This development company didn’t use best practices during development, and unfortunately the site, along with the client, paid the price. The site was hacked numerous times, had hundreds of pages injected, and the top ranking key phrase was “dating”, which this site had nothing to do with.

After Marsden saw how quickly we were able to move the site to our hosting, remove the hack and injections, and remove the Google warning on search results, they immediately felt a sigh of relief. This site move, fix, and reports was all it took for Marsden to understand just how good we are at what we do.

We are now developing websites, web animations and more with Marsden as our newest team member. We look forward to working with them on many great projects in the future!

Who is Marsden Marketing?

Here is a quote from their website: “We are marketing and sales strategists, digerati, techies, creatives, communicators, and analysts. We are thinkers and imaginers, planners and measurers. Most of all we are doers. We take our work and our clients seriously, but not ourselves. Clients trust us because of our expertise, because we tell it to them straight, and because we’re truly passionate about their success.”

Visit Marsden online at

Bill MayWelcome Marsden Marketing

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