Wordpress Defense Security Service

Extend the base security of WordPress with our add-on security service.

Stellar Studios is proud to announce that we are now offering WordFence to enhance security for WordPress installations. This service is available to clients who wish to go above and beyond the traditional WordPress installation due to previous security breaches or a general concern about security. WordPress hacks happen often and they can be detrimental to your business and your brand.

Enhanced WordPress Security Features

Advanced Comment Spam Filter

Cellphone Sign-in (Two-Factor Authentication)

Check if Site is Spamvertized

Check if Site IP is Generating Spam

Remote Scans

Country Blocking

Frequent Scans

Scheduled Scans

Premium Support

Real-time Security Network

Scan Core, Theme and Plugin Files

Repair Files

Scan content for bad URLs

Real-time traffic shows hackers

Real-time view of crawlers

Scan for known malware

Scan for hundreds of backdoors

Includes a complete firewall

Rate limit rogue crawlers

Block IP’s & manage blocks

Intelligently block networks

Block fake Googlebots

Block brute-force attacks

View top content leeches

Monitor disk space

Enforce strong passwords

Check existing passwords

Scan for DNS changes

Get detailed IP info

Track IP’s to their source

Only $99/year

plus upgrade to VPS if currently on shared plans

Download the WordPress security sell sheet.

Why is this not standard practice?

This is not offered as part of the baseline WordPress hosting for a few reasons:

  • This service requires VPS hosting, which is an additional charge over our standard shared hosting environments.
  • Every additional security measure comes with a reduction in liberty, and this is no different. While the WordPress site remains fully usable, there are some permissions and liberties that are taken away for security measures. These do affect the basic use of WordPress but rather, avoids inadvertently opening security holes.
  • This service requires an extended time to set up – usually 3 to 5 business days.
  • WordPress Defense also requires extra maintenance time, thus causing a recurring cost.

Many of these security services are provided by WordFence, but the reason for the extra charge is that this is not just a simple installation; we go a step beyond WordPress’ automation in order to set up personalized rules, backup schedules, and scheduled audits which do require extra attention. Due to the nature of WordFence, updating WordPress takes extra time as well.



Q: Will I lose admin functionality?
A: You will only give-up options you agree to in the name of extra security. Not all of the extra security measures impact the admin system, but some do. Which parts and how much security you would like, is all up to you!

Q: I have an existing WordPress site, can this be retrofitted?
A: Yes! We can install this service on any existing WordPress site to increase your security, although, this does require VPS hosting. Call us about upgrading to a VPS.

Q: I am having a new WordPress site being built, at what stage can this be implemented?
A: This service can be implemented at any stage of your website development, beginning, middle, or end. Call us to get more information!

Q; Do I have to be hosted with Stellar Studios to get this security?
A: No! We can install and monitor the security of any WordPress site with this service, as long as your current hosting provider has the configurations options required.

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