App Design and Development

Native Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile apps and games designed and developed for businesses and individuals.

Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile

Every Android & iOS app we design and develop takes into account the targeted device. Those who use iPhones and iPads are used to the way iOS works and and the same goes for folks who use Samsung, HTC and other Android devices.

Keeping iOS look, feel, and functionality on an Android port bothers users of that platform – they can usually tell when someone just does a port for an app and hasn’t taken the actual platform into consideration.

Natives Know the Land

We only develop in each platform’s respective programming language. There are websites that allow you to “drag ‘n’ drop” pieces to generate an app, but we don’t use those. Neither should you! Not only do they tend to be more buggy and non-performant, but when a software update comes out, you have to wait on the developers of the drag ‘n’ drop builders to update their software before your app has a chance of being ready for the new version of the operating systems.

Most generators introduce bugs in the code which will cause app crashes and a general lack of performance. With us writing everything in the platform’s native language, this helps the completed application avoid the pitfalls of the automatic builders.

Our Mobile App Work

Yes, we hand-hold!

Don't know where to start? We will help you every step of the way in every aspect of your project. If you ever have any questions, pre or post project, we will be here to assist you with your new endeavor. Remember, there are no stupid questions.

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