SEO Case Study: Cates Pressure Washing

If you build it, will they come?
Not if they can’t find it!

There are three (3) main types of SEO:

  1. Traffic boosting – This is just as the name implies, trying to increase the amount of visitors to your site.
  2. Conversions – This is trying to gain your target audience and convert them into clients or purchasers of your products.
  3. SERPs – Search engine ranking position. Search engines rank your site for a list of given key phrases. This is the one we will be focusing on for this client, as we believe for many products and services, if you are listed on the front page for a given set of key phrases, then you can be found. Now it’s up to your website to convert these people into clients, or your phone skills once the client has called for your services.

When Mr. Cates came to us, he was either unlisted, or buried so deep in Google’s local search results, he felt he was losing business. He was right! Because he wasn’t easily found on search results in  the area, business was going elsewhere.

After just a few months of SEO work, we have him on the first page of Google for many of his keyphrases, and in most cases, hovering the top 3 positions, all without PPC (Pay Per Click).

This table shows keyphrases we chose to target and their respective current ranking position on Google. The little green numbers indicates how many positions were gained since we started SEO work for this website.


Did it work?

Yes! Ken told us he now gets daily calls for his services and finally felt comfortable in not renewing his phone book ad. He asks callers where they heard about him and almost all calls came from the internet.

With the increase in business, ability to cancel some of the failing advertising streams, our SEO work is now more than paying for itself! Which is the goal, right?!?!

Here are a couple of charts from analytics which show this month over the same month from the previous year:


This is why we think as a first step, work on key phrases. This will uncover some potential problems with your website, increase traffic for all the right reasons. After getting ranking for key phrases and visitors start increasing, conversion is the next step of the process. Uncovering why users aren’t calling or failing to complete their purchase. We will talk about that in our next post.

A few notes about SEO:

  • SEO isn’t instantaneous. As the name “organic” suggests, this must grow and depending on competition, it will take more or less time to achieve the desired goals.
  • You won’t always be #1. If a company guarantees you that, run! While they may be able to get you there in a short period of time, we almost guarantee they are using black hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO – Black hat SEO is doing things you really shouldn’t do. While they may get you results fast, they hardly ever have longevity. Google and other major search engines are getting smarter, and their ability to pick-up the fact that you have purchased links from link farms, have hidden text on your page, or a host of other black hat methods, they will catch it, and you will pay the price!
  • White Hat SEO – White hat SEO does things the right way with good title tags, good meta tags, good content, relevant content, becoming the authority for a given segment of the market. These all have impact on your SEO. While doing things the right way may not be the quickest, it will definitely be the best for the long haul as you likely will only be positively impacted by search algorithm updates. As search engines become keen to the black hat methods, they make changes to their algorithms which usually buries the black hat SEO websites well beyond 100 pages deep.
Bill MaySEO Case Study: Cates Pressure Washing