Get More Interaction with Facebook WiFi

How to get more Facebook interactions like Reviews, Check-ins, Likes, etc with Facebook WiFi.

What is Facebook WiFi?

Facebook WiFi gates your Guest Network with a Facebook Check-in.

What does this mean?

It means that your visitors will get internet access to your Guest Network only if they “Check-in” to your location on Facebook first.

What will it look like?

When a customer visits your location and tries to access the internet, they will be prompted to connect to your wifi network. They will see your guest network and that it is unlocked. Once they choose this “open” network, It will connect successfully, but after they connect and try to visit a website, the first page they will be directed to is your Facebook page with instructions to “check-in” for free internet access. Once they successfully check-in, they will have internet access and will be free to use your access point. Now you can see the importance of this relatively new feature and how it could gain you Facebook traffic, yes?

If you do not wish for your business colleagues be required to check-in on Facebook but still don’t want them on your main network, you can give them a security code which you assign. By using this security code, your colleagues can gain access to the guest network while bypassing the Facebook check-in gate.

Is it safe?

We recommend segregating this network from your main network for the security of the rest of the computers and equipment on your main network. Also, there are only a handful of routers which currently support Facebook WiFi. Here is a list of supported routers:

How do I implement Facebook WiFi?

We recommend you contact your IT professional for installation, since as mentioned above, if not done correctly, it could create a security risk. Once the router is installed, configured, segregated from your main network, and secured, you should start seeing a substantial growth in your Facebook interactions, including Likes, Check-Ins, and Reviews. Just make sure you keep your social postings and websites current! No one likes stale food, or stale content.


As you can see from the image, you can configure several things, like:

  • Which Facebook page to act as the gate: This is for the case in which you manage more than one Facebook page.
  • Skip Check-in or Require Wifi Code: Not sure why you would skip the check-in process since that’s kind of the whole point. You can also set your own Wifi code so staff, or whomever else, can bypass the check-in procedure.
  • Session Length: Here you can determine the length of time before a visitor is required to interact with your Facebook page again.
  • Lastly, you can set your own TOS (Terms of Service): This is where you might let users know that you won’t tolerate visiting questionable sites, hacking, etc.

Want to know more?

Give us a call. While we don’t really offer installation or configuration of routers as a service, we can point you in the right direction. Now, you may be asking, why put this out there if it doesn’t benefit Stellar directly? While, no, this won’t benefit us directly, our hope is that you will remember Stellar Studios when it comes time for things like a new website, SEO, social media management, mobile apps, reputation management, or even a print brochure design. Our ultimate goal is to help you gain more business, and when it works, you’ll remember where it came from.

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