Brandon Jones becomes HubSpot Certified

Brandon has been working with HubSpot for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that he became certified.

We encouraged Brandon to go ahead and take the test because we knew he wouldn’t have an issue after working with, and implementing HubSpot for so long. We were right! He completed the test, first-pass, without fail. Congratulations Brandon!

If you are looking for an in-bound marketing solution, or just need someone to help you get HubSpot integrated the correct way, Brandon and the rest of the team here at Stellar Studios are here to help.

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Bill MayBrandon Jones becomes HubSpot Certified

SEO Case Study: Cates Pressure Washing

If you build it, will they come?
Not if they can’t find it!

There are three (3) main types of SEO:

  1. Traffic boosting – This is just as the name implies, trying to increase the amount of visitors to your site.
  2. Conversions – This is trying to gain your target audience and convert them into clients or purchasers of your products.
  3. SERPs – Search engine ranking position. Search engines rank your site for a list of given key phrases. This is the one we will be focusing on for this client, as we believe for many products and services, if you are listed on the front page for a given set of key phrases, then you can be found. Now it’s up to your website to convert these people into clients, or your phone skills once the client has called for your services.
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Bill MaySEO Case Study: Cates Pressure Washing

Welcome Marsden Marketing

Stellar Studios would like to welcome, Atlanta, GA based, Marsden Marketing to the team!

Our first interaction with Marsden was with a site they had designed but had another company develop. This development company didn’t use best practices during development, and unfortunately the site, along with the client, paid the price. The site was hacked numerous times, had hundreds of pages injected, and the top ranking key phrase was “dating”, which this site had nothing to do with.

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Bill MayWelcome Marsden Marketing

Welcome UniPro Foodservice

Stellar Studios would like to welcome, Atlanta, GA based company, UniPro Foodservice to the team!

UniPro Foodservice has chosen to team up with Stellar Studios to help them create new web based software applications and bring some of their dated offerings to the modern day of mobile browsing.

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Bill MayWelcome UniPro Foodservice

Welcome EUCLIDiq

euclidiq-logoStellar Studios would like to welcome EUCLIDiq to the team!

EUCLIDiq has developed a new H.264 compression algorithm for better picture quality at a smaller file size by intelligently locating what would be the user’s visual focus of the video and compressing everything else. For example: If you have a video a person kayaking down a river, the person’s face, body and kayak would show less compression, while the background trees, water, rocks, etc, would be more compressed. This intelligent compression keeps your viewers engaged with great picture quality on the focus, while saving precious bandwidth on the less important areas of the video.

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Bill MayWelcome EUCLIDiq

Stellar Studios and NanoEndo bring home the Gold

Stellar Studios and NanoEndo bring home the Gold in the 2015 International Communicator Awards! NanoEndo is a dream client, they want to create great things, just as we do! The award was won for the website design and development of Read more about the award, participants and more

2015 Gold Communicator Award
Bill May2015 Gold Communicator Award

Print advertising still viable, if supplemented with digital interactivity

When Nissan wanted to introduce the new Nissan Altima, they decided to sink a large portion of their advertising budget into print advertising and supplement it with digital interactivity. The ads featured augmented reality which would allow viewers to use their mobile devices to supplement the ad and get more information. The augmented reality app was available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

Here are some statistics from a case study performed in Newspapers Canada:
Over 8 million readers viewed the campaign in one day.
6,500 page views
42% click-through rate
Test drives for the Nissan Altima were up by 65%

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Bill MayPrint advertising still viable, if supplemented with digital interactivity

Large heroes are killing sliders

The number 1 trend in today’s website design is large hero areas. Heroes – pulled term from print advertising – are large areas that refer to the “intro” of website on it’s home page. It may be a simple photo in the background with some nicely placed type on top, like, or a little more elaborate like Either way, these heroes are taking over traditional slider areas, which were all the rage a few years ago. We predict that these heroes will only continue to grow, unless they are proven not to work.

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Bill MayLarge heroes are killing sliders