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Stellar Studios Grows With New Hires and Expanded Capabilities

At Stellar, we tend to make it a practice to keep our eyes on the stars, a metaphor we embrace internally to set high expectations for how we evolve as a team and a company.

Well, we’ve reached some of those goals and have been hard at work over the last three months as we set forth on a strategic plan to create continued growth. As a part of this work, we’ve added a new group of experts to tackle an expanded range of digital solutions across ever changing business and marketing challenges.

Here are some of the new areas of expertise we’ve added to our practice that we’ve merged into our unique process to leverage for our clients:

User Experience Design Research & Planning
We’ve evolved our UX design and planning to go deep into the world of user behavior to build tomorrow’s next generation of web, app and digital products. From business bootcamps and design thinking workshops to explore opportunities and engage your team, to enhanced persona development and research, to interactive wireframes, agile prototyping and user testing. This vigorous process brings a new level of possibilities to our client projects.

Integrated Digital Marketing
From Media strategy and planning, to PPC and Google Adwords management, SEO, to programmatic and native advertising via social media, marketing automation and email marketing – our new digital media team can architect action driven campaigns that work across channels to tell your story and follow your audience to create measurable campaign results.

Social Media Management
In today’s advertising and marketing worlds, social media looms large, not only as a growing digital channel to engage an audience, but also as a tool to build brand tribes and activate personalized customer service experiences. Our social media management team has driven impacting results for established brands across a myriad of industries – providing our clients with strategy driven campaigns and community management, social listening and insights, as well as fully integrated advertising and award winning creative work.

Amazon Store Management
There is no doubt that Amazon is the dominate force in commerce and online retail in the world, and we’ve developed a new area of expertise in leveraging Amazon for our clients. Whether you are looking for ecommerce consulting, or full Amazon seller account and storefront management, we can get your products in front of the largest retail audience in the world.

On the horizon, we’re already working on new cutting edge solutions for augmented reality (AR) as the physical world and the digital world begin to fully synthesize and digital experiences evolve. So stay tuned, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for our latest articles and insights.

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Bill MayStellar Studios Grows With New Hires and Expanded Capabilities
Bill MayNews, dev help, opinions, and other tidbits