Bill May

You can hear me now.

Stellar Studios has designed and developed a mobile application for the hearing impaired that takes a new approach to programming Bluetooth hearing aids.

Brandon Jones becomes HubSpot Certified

Brandon has been working with HubSpot for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that he became certified. We encouraged Brandon to go ahead and take the test because we knew he wouldn’t have an issue after working with, and implementing HubSpot for so long. We were right! He completed the test, first-pass, without

Get More Interaction with Facebook WiFi

How to get more Facebook interactions like Reviews, Check-ins, Likes, etc with Facebook WiFi. What is Facebook WiFi? Facebook WiFi gates your Guest Network with a Facebook Check-in. What does this mean? It means that your visitors will get internet access to your Guest Network only if they “Check-in” to your location on Facebook first.


I created this image in lightwave 3D just because it came to mind and I thought it would be cute. Maybe you’ll think so too.

SEO Case Study: Cates Pressure Washing

If you build it, will they come? Not if they can’t find it! There are three (3) main types of SEO: Traffic boosting – This is just as the name implies, trying to increase the amount of visitors to your site. Conversions – This is trying to gain your target audience and convert them into

Welcome Elizabethton Federal

Stellar Studios would like to welcome Elizabethton Federal to the team! Elizabethton Federal is a local community bank based in Northeast Tennessee. They called us looking for a new modern and responsive website, which is exactly what we plan to give them.

Stellar Studios to receive developer edition of new Apple TV

We received notification today that we were chosen by Apple to be one of the few who will receive the developer edition of the new Apple TV well before it’s released to consumers. This is great news as we see this is a great upgrade to the current AppleTV. We should receive the developer unit

Welcome Marsden Marketing

Stellar Studios would like to welcome, Atlanta, GA based, Marsden Marketing to the team! Our first interaction with Marsden was with a site they had designed but had another company develop. This development company didn’t use best practices during development, and unfortunately the site, along with the client, paid the price. The site was hacked