You can hear me now.

Stellar Studios has designed and developed a mobile application for the hearing impaired that takes a new approach to programming Bluetooth hearing aids.

Stellar Studios teamed up with Ear Technology Corporation to help them come to market with a new idea for programming hearing aids at home.

Currently, almost every app on the market requires the user to take an “in-app” hearing test. Based on the results of the hearing test, a pre-programmed algorithm is uploaded into the hearing aid/PSAD (personal sound amplification device) via Bluetooth from the mobile device. Once upload is complete, the hearing aid is locked down other than volume and tone controls. We were finding out from many users that this approach is rarely the best result as some users reported that they can hear themselves talk like they had stopped-up ears, or even sounded like they were in a barrel. But this approach has been used by audiologists for years, so it must be the correct way of doing it, right? With the help of an audiologist, we decided to disrupt the market and change a few things.

Stellar constructed a new interface which presents the user with a general tuning set where they can listen to each selection and decide which one sounds best to them. After they have found the first setting which sounds best to them, we take that algorithm, and offer up another set of options, allowing them to fine-tune their listening preferences, resulting in a hearing aid matched to their listening preferences, rather than a machine-generated algorithm.

Users are reporting being able to hear better than ever before. Showing the success of our UX process, they are seeing that the app is the most user-friendly of any hearing aid app they have ever tried to use. The information and buttons are clearly laid out, and the way you are guided through the process just makes it so simple, even for senior citizen first-time smartphone users.

For over 20 years, Stellar Studios has kept its sights on concepting and creating digital solutions that go beyond what our clients, and their audiences, ask for. If you’d like to learn more about our process or would like Stellar Studios to work with you on your next project, reach out to us.

Bill MayYou can hear me now.

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